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Love to Pray…Pray to Love!

October 8, 2017
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The United Methodist Church

We pray for those affected by the senseless violence in Las Vegas. Let us “expand our capacity to love and to pray in the midst of all we do not understand and cannot comprehend.” – Rev. Harriet Bryan

Be a force for good. Donate blood, pay it forward, check on a neighbor, be kind to one another. #EmbraceLove

Prayer Request’s

September 1, 2016

Please see below for our Prayer request list. Lots of people needing lots of people to pray for them. Have a blessed day walking with our Lord Jesus today. Be a blessing to someone else by praying for them or maybe just share a smile with them.

PRAYER LIST 8-31-2016

 Alexander, Dale (8/9/15)

Arthur, Chester

Ball, Karen (1/6/16) Deana

Barron, Kathy& Don (9/25/14)

Barron, Wanda (8/16)

Bellow, Emilee (8/22/16)

Bennett, Luther (7/1/15) T.Day

Benoit, Stacy (6/14)

Bertrand, Frances & Mitchell(6/8/2016)

Boudreaux, Arthur (3/18/15)

Bourgeois, Patricia (1/6/16)

Brewer, Bobby(1/14) Violet

Brossette, Teff (5/13) Billy

Broussard, Dot (7/9/14)

Burch, Cora Sue & Chuck (12/09/15)

Burdenn, John & Tammy

Burlin, Becky 6/25/16 Connie

Busby, John (4/8/15)

Cady, Bettie ( 12-16-15)

Carroll, Bessie (8/3/15)

CASA Children (6/8/2016) Deana

Casswell, Carol (8/31/16)

Cherry, Myra (6/1/16) Red

Christians in Middle East

Collins, Candy (8/13) Fred 

Collins, Cindy (9/13) Fred 

Condrey, Rick (8?2/16)

Coulter, Chad (8-24-16)

Craig, Carolyn & Lloyd

Crorey, Billy (5/25/16)

Dalrymple, Heather (Randy)

Davis, Valda (8/2/16)

Dawson, Lloyd & Debbie (8-24-16)

Dickey, Sandra (8/17/16)

Dillard, George (7/9/14)

Dougharty, Wayne & Verna(12/2/15) Tommy

Duhon, Michelle & Family (8/31/16)

Foreman, Danny (4/9/14)

Frames, Kathy (6/30)

Francis, Jimbo

Frederick, Lynette (12/14/14)

Fregia, Jerry (6/3/15)

Freuden, Gary (8/2/16)

Gaspard, Bell

George, Linda (4/8/15)

Goodman, Robert & Evelyn (4/1/15)

Gray, Carolyn (5/4/16

Green, JoAnn (2/1/15)

Guillory, Felicia (3/23/16)

Hackworth, Shree (8/31/16)

Hall, Stan & Martha (7/13)

Hargis, Sharon & Jessica  6/14 Sammy

Henley, Cheryl E.

Hicks, James (3/7)(Lloyd Craig))

Hill, Grace (3/2/16)

Hilliard, Allen & Linda (12-20-15)

Johnson, David (8/2/16)

Johnson, Gerald (8-24-16)

Johnson, Jerri 6/15/16

Johnson, Nancy (8/19/15)

Karasik, Jean (8/2/16)

Lane, Randy (5/13/15)

Laughlin, Thelma & Deana 6/14/15)

Lawrence, Jim (6/8/2016) Deana

LeBeauf, Leah (4/22/2015)

Lee, Sandra (4/22/2015

Lee, Paula and Family (4/3/16)

Lormand, Curney (8-28-16)

Louisiana Flood Victims

Madsden, Georgia

Manuel, Carroll (9/14/15)

Marcontel, Jo (4/13/16) Valda

Marshall, Jean (1/14/14)

Meaux, Mary (1/28/15)

Mcfetridge, Richard Family (8-24-16)

Michaels, Anneliese (8/14/16)

Nash, Jason 6/22/16 Norma H.

Norman, Betty (9/23/15)

Pankau, Carlos (8-28-31) Family

Parish, Vicki

Parson, Ryder

Peddy, Sarah (1/14/14)

Perez, Karen (6/25/15)

Pike, Connie (8/31/16)

Pittman, Amy  (8/20/14)

Rahman, Asora(2/7/16)5 yr old w/cyst on brain

Riley, Samuel (12/7/15)

Rose City Baptist Church

Rosh, Ford (5/4/16) Patrick

Schweikart, Dona (8/3/16)

Service Personnel & Families  

Sherman, Doyce& Betty (5/28/14) Violet

Schultz, Billy (11/1/15)

Shusher, Deke

Simonton, Steve (3/16/16)

Smith, Joanie 6/22/16 BIlly

Smith Leslie (7/13)

Smith, Lou

Smith, Sheryl (9/30/15)

Smith, Shirley (1/28/15)

Sparks, Gertrude (5/18/16)

Steele, Pati (5/25/16)

Strahan, Don (2/11/15) Sammy

Street, Buddy & Family (1/12)

Thompson, Darlene (8/10/16)

Trevino, Mary (8/3/15)

Turner, Kay (8/12/15)

Viator, Bobby 6/29/16

Vogel, Lisa (4/8/15)

Volner, Louie

Warner, Larry

Watson, Don (1/14)

Wells, Butch (4/6/16)

Wesley Community

White, Noah (3/9/16)

Wiggins, Lou Ann (4/3/16) Connie

Willey, Laura (1/6/16)

Wilson, Doris (8/2/16)

Young, Ed (4/24/16) USAF

Young, Norma

Zylks, Danita (6/8/2016)

Monthly Newsletter for September 2016

August 23, 2016

Our montly newsletter is ready for perusal. Have a blessed day in your walk with Jesus Christ. Thank you Jan Day once again.September 2016 Newsletter front pageSeptember 2016 Newsletter pastors note pageSeptember 2016 Newsletter 2nd pageSeptember 2016 Newsletter Calendar page

June 7, 2014

The newsletter for June is posted and can be accessed at our website Just scroll down until you see the pages on the right and the first one is Newsletters.

On another note just wanted to say thanks for all those who attended the pancake breakfast where we also had ham, grits and eggs. We feasted on the good food and also feasted on fellowship.

Harvey Wilson and I made a prayer walk down Camellia Street Saturday Morning and prayed for each and every house we walked by, their occupants and the whole area to be covered by the Holy Spirit. We plan to make many more such walks to call the Holy Spirit down on this area so that whatever evil is there will be driven out and people will find peace not only inside there homes and hearts but outside as well.

We hope others will join us. If you are interested just let us know and we will set up times for walks to be scheduled.

Have a blessed day in Jesus Christ,


Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

June 7, 2014


Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. I want to share a story about Pentecost involving a preacher-teacher named Fred Craddock.

The well-known author and preacher Fred Craddock tells a rather funny story about a lecture he was giving: A few years ago, when he was on the west coast speaking at a seminary, just before the first lecture, one of the students stood up and said, “Before you speak, I need to know if you are Pentecostal.” The room grew silent. Craddock said he looked around for the Dean of the seminary! He was nowhere to be found.

The student continued with his quiz right in front of everybody. Craddock was taken aback, and so he said, “Do you mean do I belong to the Pentecostal Church?” He said, “No, I mean are you Pentecostal?” Craddock said, “Are you asking me if I am charismatic?” the student said, “I am asking you if you are Pentecostal.” Craddock said, “Do you want to know if I speak in tongues?” He said, “I want to know if you are Pentecostal.” Craddock said, “I don’t know what your question is.” The student said, “Obviously, you are not Pentecostal.” He left.

What are we talking about on Pentecost Sunday? Is the church supposed to use the word Pentecost only as a noun or can it be used as an adjective? And so I ask you: Are you Pentecostal?

In spite of the fact that the church doesn’t know what the adjective means, the church insists that the word remain in our vocabulary as an adjective. The church is unwilling for the word simply to be a noun, to represent a date, a place, an event in the history of the church, refuses for it to be simply a memory, an item, something back there somewhere. The church insists that the word is an adjective; it describes the church. The word, then, is “Pentecostal.”

If the church is alive in the world it is Pentecostal.

How do we keep this aliveness, this fire burning, this spirit moving? What must exist in us, around us, and through us, if we are to be Pentecostal? Simply these three things:

1. We Are To Be Of One Accord
2. We Are To Join Together Constantly in Prayer
3. We Are To Repent

Come join us tomorrow for Pentecost Sunday. I will talk some more about how United Methodist as well as other denominations must be Pentecostal in their beliefs.

Have a blessed day in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Randy



Memorial Day

May 23, 2014

An anonymous e-mail tells a story we need to hear on this Memorial Day weekend. It’s about an old man and his wife sitting in the parking lot of a supermarket. The hood is up on their car. Evidently they are having engine problems.

A young man in his early twenties with a grocery bag in his arm walks in the direction of the elderly couple. The old gentleman emerges from the car and takes a few steps in the young man’s direction. He points to the open hood and asks the young man for assistance. The young man puts his grocery bag into his expensive SUV, turns back to the old man and yells at him: “You shouldn’t even be allowed to drive a car at your age.” And then with a wave of his hand, he gets into his car and speeds out of the parking lot. The old gentleman pulls out his handkerchief, mops his brow and goes back to his car. Again he looks at the engine. He then goes to his wife and appears to reassure her that things will be okay.

A stranger approaches the old man. “Looks like you’re having a problem,” he says. The old man smiles sheepishly, and quietly nods his head. The stranger looks under the hood of the car, but he has no more expertise with automobile engines than the old man. He assures the elderly gentleman he will return and heads to a nearby service station. He explains the situation to a mechanic and says he will pay him if he would help the elderly couple with their car.

Returning with the mechanic, the stranger gets into a conversation with the old gentleman. The stranger is wearing a ring signifying that he had been a Marine. Coincidentally, so had the old man. He confides that he had served in some of the harshest battles in our nation’s history, including Guadalcanal and Okinawa. He had retired from the Marine Corps after the war.

After the car was repaired and running, the old gentleman handed a card to the stranger and they shook hands and parted. A little while later the stranger happened to look at the card. The name of the old gentleman was on the card in golden leaf and under his name was written: Congressional Medal of Honor Society. It was only then that the former Marine realized that he had come to the aid of one of America’s heroes.

Just a reminder this Memorial Day weekend that there are men and women who have served their country, and received very little in return. It is only right that we recognize their sacrifice and honor their memory this holiday weekend.

Have a blessed holiday weekend and remember to lift up the Veterans Administration. They do a lot of good for so many of our veterans. Pray that they will truly get to the root of their problems and are able to focus on their mission once again.

Pastor Randy

Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

October 3, 2013


Jane and I are proud grandparents. I guess you can see that by the smiles on our faces. I do want to call attention to the smile, perhaps smirk, on the face of Lila Jane, our newest grandchild. It is as if the look says “Well I have really got it made, these two will be suckers for anything I want”. Shes pretty much right on.

Jane and I love our grandchildren and we will do whatever we can to help them make a good life out of the life that God has given her.

Isn’t that what God wants us to do with all of His children, help them make a good life out of the life that God has given them. Through prayer, meditation and the change of heart that only God can bring about in us, will we be able to help those less fortunate than us. While being a witness to our grandchildren is really important to us, it is just as important to be a good witness to the love God has for all of us to each and every person we encounter every day.

Love your neighbor means what it says. While loving grandchildren might be a lot easier than loving some we meet in our lives, it is still important to show God’s love for us all to the world.

Have a blessed day,

Pastor Randy

Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

August 3, 2013

Are you an Active Prayer who listens???

God is not passive, and neither are we. In fact, Jesus calls us to an active life. We tend to think of prayer as a passive affair, which in many ways it is. After all, prayer is listening before it is speaking. However, it is active listening. You know the difference between passive and active listening? Passive listening is the husband who has one ear to the television when his wife speaks. Passive listening is the wife who has her “to do” list between her and her spouse. Passive listening is the young person who hears everything through ears that are “bored” with anything and everything that isn’t more exciting than what is possible.

Active listening, on the other hand, is giving 100% attention, and facing toward the One who speaks, putting aside remote-controls, “to do” lists, and boredom. Active listening is anything but passive. It’s really hard work, when you think about it. It’s not “zoning out.” Far from it. Prayer is, in part, active listening. How do you receive daily bread from God, if you’re not faced in his direction, attentively reaching out? How does forgiveness become a reality if we don’t step into it – and how are we to step into it if we’re not walking in the direction of, toward the One from whom forgiveness flows? The Lord’s prayer, whether it be the version Matthew remembers, or the one Luke recalls, encourages active movement toward God on our part.

Peter L. Haynes, Asking…Seeking…Knocking

Holy Week

March 25, 2013

We will have the Church open Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm for anyone who would wish to come by and spend some time in prayer and meditation. We will also have a Maundy Thursday service on Thursday the 29th at 7pm. Please see our prayer request link for those that this church is praying for.

We here at Wesley United Methodist Church hope you all have a good Holy Week and that God will bless you in your time of prayer and meditation.

Pastor Randy

February 20, 2013

Luke 9:37 On the next day, when they had come down from the mountain, a great crowd met him. 9:38 Just then a man from the crowd shouted, “Teacher, I beg you to look at my son; he is my only child. 9:39 Suddenly a spirit seizes him, and all at once he shrieks. It convulses him until he foams at the mouth; it mauls him and will scarcely leave him. 9:40 I begged your disciples to cast it out, but they could not.” 9:41 Jesus answered, “You faithless and twisted generation, how much longer must I be with you and bear with you? Bring your son here.” 9:42 While he was coming, the demon dashed him to the ground in convulsions. But Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, healed the boy, and gave him back to his father. 9:43a And all were astounded at the greatness of God.

In our lectionary scripture for February 24th we see Jesus coming down from the mountain top where He was transfigured and where His disciples witnessed His visit with Moses and Elijah. What a scene that must have been. An experience that must have really left an impression on Peter, James and John. Yet we read in the scripture above that the disciples were asked to perform a healing by casting out the evil spirit from the child. They could not cast Him out. Only Jesus could accomplish the miracle.

What does Jesus find in todays churches? Does He find the same kind of disciples? You know the faithless and twisted generation! Would He find folks who were willing to come to church occasionally to satisfy the most basic leading of the Holy Spirit? Would He find people who would hear sermons week after week on His teachings and not change a thing about the life they were leading? Would He find people who would hear Him saying that miracles are possible if only you believe, have faith and live your life in a manner that says there is a God who loves us more than we can imagine? A God who has experienced the most heart rending tragedy that we can imagine, the torture and death of His only Son. You see, it is often that very tragedy in our human lives that keeps us from believing and praying for miracles for others. Prayer did not work for me! Why should I pray when God did not heal the one I was praying for?

I do not have answers for all the questions that can be asked about every scenario that can play out in our lifetimes here on earth but I do know God allows us to bend our will in many directions. We can use our will to follow all that this world and the evil in it offers or we can use our will to follow a God and Savior that tell us they know the suffering and heart ache we experience and they are willing to love us through it. Our prayers are heard and just as we cry out to God to hear us and answer our prayers, God is crying out to us to hear His response to our prayers.

Are you listening???????? Or, are you part of that faithless and twisted generation??????????

Pastor Randy