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October 2016 Newsletter

October 4, 2016

Here is our Monthly Newsletter. Wouldn’t it be more fun to come and fellowship with us in person. Have a blessed day in your walk with Jesus!

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Monthly Newsletter for September 2016

August 23, 2016

Our montly newsletter is ready for perusal. Have a blessed day in your walk with Jesus Christ. Thank you Jan Day once again.September 2016 Newsletter front pageSeptember 2016 Newsletter pastors note pageSeptember 2016 Newsletter 2nd pageSeptember 2016 Newsletter Calendar page

Newsletter for June, 2016

June 2, 2016

Well Jan Day has done another excellent job of putting together our Monthly Newsletter. We are very thankful to Jan for all that she does and we all recognize that anybody can make a mistake because Jan is only human (although she accomplishes so many things there has to be a least a little bit of Superhuman in there). She has the birthdays listed on the calendar but they are July’s birthday listings. The reason I noticed is because my birthday is July the 6th and it is listed as June 6th. Otherwise I may not have caught the mixup. Again thanks for all you do Jan Day. Have a blessed month and we look forward to the next newsletter.

june newsletter

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May Newsletter is posted

April 26, 2016

Please see below the May Newsletter for Wesley UMC in Orange. We are all looking forward to Reverend J.B. Prouse coming back to Wesley for a homecoming service on May 15th. Please join us for the service and our fellowship meal after our morning service. Service will start promptly at 11:00am.

To look at the Newletter pictures and articles just click on one of the pages and it should fill the screen. If you want to look at it later and it is not the first thing on the page then just go to our Newsletter link in the righthand column of our website. Enjoy and have a blessed day in Jesus Christ.

May Newsletter middle page picturesMay Newsletter Pastor's articleMay Newsletter front page and prayer listMay Newsletter Calendar

September Newsletter

August 25, 2015

The September Newsletter is available for reading. You can find it in the right hand column. Click on the Newsletter link then click on each of the pages to make them readable. Hope you enjoy and receive a blessing from all of Jan Day’s hard work. Each month she does an incredible job of producing a very nice newsletter. Thanks again Jan.