Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings


Jane and I are proud grandparents. I guess you can see that by the smiles on our faces. I do want to call attention to the smile, perhaps smirk, on the face of Lila Jane, our newest grandchild. It is as if the look says “Well I have really got it made, these two will be suckers for anything I want”. Shes pretty much right on.

Jane and I love our grandchildren and we will do whatever we can to help them make a good life out of the life that God has given her.

Isn’t that what God wants us to do with all of His children, help them make a good life out of the life that God has given them. Through prayer, meditation and the change of heart that only God can bring about in us, will we be able to help those less fortunate than us. While being a witness to our grandchildren is really important to us, it is just as important to be a good witness to the love God has for all of us to each and every person we encounter every day.

Love your neighbor means what it says. While loving grandchildren might be a lot easier than loving some we meet in our lives, it is still important to show God’s love for us all to the world.

Have a blessed day,

Pastor Randy

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