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Love to Pray…Pray to Love!

October 8, 2017
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The United Methodist Church

We pray for those affected by the senseless violence in Las Vegas. Let us “expand our capacity to love and to pray in the midst of all we do not understand and cannot comprehend.” – Rev. Harriet Bryan

Be a force for good. Donate blood, pay it forward, check on a neighbor, be kind to one another. #EmbraceLove

June 7, 2014

The newsletter for June is posted and can be accessed at our website Just scroll down until you see the pages on the right and the first one is Newsletters.

On another note just wanted to say thanks for all those who attended the pancake breakfast where we also had ham, grits and eggs. We feasted on the good food and also feasted on fellowship.

Harvey Wilson and I made a prayer walk down Camellia Street Saturday Morning and prayed for each and every house we walked by, their occupants and the whole area to be covered by the Holy Spirit. We plan to make many more such walks to call the Holy Spirit down on this area so that whatever evil is there will be driven out and people will find peace not only inside there homes and hearts but outside as well.

We hope others will join us. If you are interested just let us know and we will set up times for walks to be scheduled.

Have a blessed day in Jesus Christ,


Upperrroom Daily Devotional

January 22, 2013