Visit the Sick Opportunities

Updated 6-16-11

Christ calls us to visit and care for those who are sick. This page is about opportunities to express the love of our brothers and sisters/our neighbor by visiting and showing our care/love for those who are in hospitals, at home recuperating or home bound.

Sarah Peddy – Lives with Betty Cooper in Chasse Hollow.

Jean Marshall – At Orange Villa Nursing Home on 3rd st.

Richard Sistrunk – At home. Recuperating. Call before you go by.

Leonard Hall – at Home. Go by and see him. Leonard loves to have people to visit with.

Robbie Murphy – at Orange Villa Nursing Home on 3rd st in Orange.

Lorraine Derouen – at Orange Villa Nursing Home on 3rd st in Orange.

Betty Wilson at home in Bridge City.

James Parkhurst at home in Orange.

Francis Cain at nursing home in Lumberton on highway 96.

2 Responses to “Visit the Sick Opportunities”

  1. Robin Gooch Says:

    Just a little note, my mother’s surgery went very well.
    The surgery lasted about 5 hrs. Dr. Silva said that everything went extremely well. He removed the cyst that was compressing her sciatic nerve. He also fused her discs and shaved off some bone. She is now resting with no pain in her left leg. She is presently being fitted with a back brace. She is eating well too!!!!! Must be better if she is doing that!!! Thank you all for your prayers. Now she will need friends to visit her to keep her moral up and keep her company.

  2. Tanner Pettit Says:

    I have a blog made with Blogger and it has Blogger logos at the top.. I’ve seen Blogger blogs without them, and it makes them a lot cooler..

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