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Does your Church worship the Church or Christ?

November 7, 2015

Thanks to Billy Watson for posting this article from Outreach Magazine. The link to the article is below this excerpt.

All churches love certain things. Some love fellowship, some worship, some prayer. Those are good loves. Some are neutral loves. Some are not. Other churches love their building, their history or their strategy.

Those can be good or bad, depending on what we mean by love and how we value those things. But, some things that churches love hurt their mission and hinder their call. Here are three I’ve observed from my work with thousands of churches.

1. Too many churches love past culture more than their current context.

Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

January 7, 2012

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Great Granddaughter meets Great Grandparents.  Georgia Ann got to meet her great grandparents Friday the 6th.  Her great-grandfather will turn 92 on January 8th and Georgia will turn one month on the 12th.  This age difference got me to thinking about all that my dad has seen and all that Georgia has an opportunity to see.  The changes that have happened during my father’s 92 years have been amazing for his life and for the way he lived it.  Georgia’s life will be filled with changes that will be even more amazing and will affect the way she will live her life in astounding ways.

I hope to baptize Georgia in the next few months.  Georgia’s parents will accept responsibility for her spiritual growth and someday she will go through confirmation classes and confirm her belief in God and Jesus Christ.  As I think about all that Georgia has to experience as she grows I am excited as the promise of scientific knowledge grows exponentially.  The wonderful things that she will see and the changes that will affect her life will be many and many will be brand new discoveries.  While there will be many changes it is our hope that her belief in God and her parents efforts at sharing their beliefs with her will be a solid foundation that gives her the one constant that will help her center her life.  Her belief will help to center her life around consistent moral values that will lead her through all the changes that will take place in the world around her.

It is a new year with lots of new experiences for us all.  Allow your beliefs to center your heart and mind around all the changes that take place in your life.  Those who do have a much better chance at enjoying life as it comes to them.

Our baptism is the beginning of a new life in Jesus Christ.  We are called to grow in our knowledge of His way and in His Spirit. Remember your Baptism and remember your covenant relation with your God.