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Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

December 8, 2011

Well it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around this Branch household.  Lights up inside and out.  Although the outside light display could use some work.  I will try to get to that soon.

I like to think of the lights we all put up each year represents a lot more than our own pride in how many lights we can put up.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the number of lights stood for the amount of light that shines through our hearts out into the world to represent Jesus Christ and the light He shines into the world.  Wouldnt’ it be nice if our witness to our Lord and Savior was as bright as the lights we put up.  Hmmm, just something to think about.  The lights can be simple adornments for our home during the Holiday Season or they can say Merry Christmas,  we believe in Jesus Christ.

Well any way how about having a Merry Christmas,