Hate Groups Do Not Know Jesus Christ

Below you will see my response to a post on Dobianchi.com (https://dobianchi.com/2017/08/14/charlottesville-donald-trump/) about the riots and the slurs and threats made against Jews and other minority groups in our America. Dobianchi is my son in law. He is the father of my two granddaughters and is deeply saddened when he thinks about his children (I am as well) having to face such prejudiced hatred toward them.  I pray for God to bless them daily by keeping them safe and for them to feel the love that is poured out on them by a Judeo Christian family.

Jeremy, thanks for this posting. What saddens me most is the hate message that the KKK and other White Supremacist organizations espouse. Especially when they claim to be Christian. Denouncing those organizations is just not enough. There needs to be coming from the Christian community a very loud and firm voice saying that anyone who participates in or condones these groups cannot not be a follower of Jesus Christ. Christianity given to us by the New Testament, the Gospel Message, the letters of Paul and others leave no room for hatred or condemnation of Jews much less any other race or religion. Jesus’ message in Matthew 22:36-40 is about how we put God and neighbor first in our lives. There is nowhere to be found a message that says we are to be filled with so much hate for a group of people that we should resort to violence to impose our will on them or destroy them. As a Pastor, I am bewildered by the assumption that because it was Jewish leadership that had Jesus crucified we should hate Jews. Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi. He was faithful to the law that He came to help us understand. His ministry was to help us see the compassion and service the law held people to and to help us see that man had made parts of the law unbearable. His love and compassion for humanity set us free to love and worship God as well as emphasized the need to be compassionate servants for and to our neighbors. Hug and kiss those semi-semite grandaughters of ours. As long as they know they are loved by God and by family they will be able to withstand those who follow hateful ideologies. Your Mother in law and Father in law love you.



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