Where is Wesley?

Our physical address is 401 N. 37th St. You can Google us and find us easily. What I want to share with you though is even more important than just our physical address. There are three “wheres” that I want to share with you that I see in the people of Wesley United Methodist Church in Orange Texas.

The first “where” is the place we come to help us learn about Christ. Best described as a place like home. A place I would describe as “Where we live to learn about Christ!”

The second “where” is the place that helps us with the life we live as we learn about Christ and how he can help us be in a Church home “Where we learn to live as Christ like people!”

The third “where” is finding that place where we can be inspired by the Holy Spirit. A place “Where we yearn to serve in Christ like ways!”

You could say it is a place where we “learn and learn until we yearn” to be the people God calls us to be. People who earnestly seek after the One we call Savior Jesus.

Come be a part of the learning and yearning.

Have a blessed day, learn and yearn for a Holy Spirit that will lead you and guide you in all you do.

Open Doors, Open Hearts and Open Minds!

Pastor Randy

2 Responses to “Where is Wesley?”

  1. Jeannette Vail Says:

    Amen! A wonderful Church, where a our Pastor talks about many people in the Bible every week and puts the words into action all can understand! A learning church. A filling church! If you have not visited, I want to invite you to come and join to see how I feel, as well as others.

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