Advents Love, Joy, Hope and Peace

What a great time of year the Christmas Season presents to us. We are gifted with the celebration of the birth of Jesus. When we come into the Christmas Season we are often distracted by many activities such as parties, shopping, planning a family get together and for many of us earning a living still has to go on. In all of these distractions it truly is important that we focus on the saving graces God gifts us with and the opportunity he presents us with to experience all that the birth of Jesus means to this world.

Our tradition says that the four Sundays before Christmas day are a time when we celebrate the attributes that Jesus examples for us in His teachings and His life as a Jewish Rabbi. His love for us, His joy in living and teaching, the hope He gives us in eternal life and the peace that passes all understanding are those gifts. Gifts that our focus really needs to be pin pointed on.

The secular world that we live in is full of distractions that take our focus away from who Jesus call His children to be. If during these distractions we can think and act with our focus on Love, Joy, Hope and Peace we can and will be a people who example the life and Spirit of Jesus Christ to a secular world.

I hope all have a very blessed Christmas giving those gifts that Jesus gave to us. Through your Love for Christ show the world the Joy you have within you, the Hope for eternal life in heaven that is awaiting you and the Peace that His Holy Spirit can bring to you.

Have a blessed Christmas Season and a blessed New Year too,


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