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Wesley United Methodist Church served 239 students at The Wesley Student Center of Lamar University in Beaumont. While I did not get pictures of the students (we were kind of busy) I did get this picture of the Churches members, plus 1, serving. From right to left is Pastor Randy Branch, Jean Koontz, Katy Beckett, Jan Neely, Rev. Anjelita Dirden (the plus 1), Wanda Barron and Harvey Wilson. We enjoyed being able to serve those students and it is always well received with many thank you’s from the students. A blessing to all of us who served and we hope a blessing to the students. Thanks to Pastor Anjelita for being such a gracious host and spiritual leader to all youth at Lamar University.

On a not so positive note we also heard that the district is shutting down the Wesley Student Center. Pastor Anjelita will be moving on to another place of ministry. I am not privy to all of the reasons why but I am sure the District Superintendent will let us know at our District meeting tomorrow. I am sure that there are some very good reasons for this closing of the student center but it does seem to me that when we take away opportunities for people to be touched by Christian love we are hurting the world. Seeds planted many times do not grow until years later. With so many different ethnic groups coming through that serving line I cannot think of a better way to touch the hearts of so many from so many different cultures.

Pastor Randy

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