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Just a short note to explain my feelings about the President of the United States linking the atrocities committed in the middle east by ISIS forces to the Crusades and Inquisition. Let me start by saying that none of those events are acceptable. Justification for the atrocities committed by those claiming to be Christians and in the name of Jesus Christ could not be found anywhere in the New Testament. I feel it is important to remember that we are Christ followers (Christians) and we are held to the standard of what is written in the New Testament. The one overriding standard we are held to in the New Testament is Jesus’ teaching about loving God and loving our neighbor. I don’t remember reading anywhere in the New Testament that it is acceptable to stone, behead, burn, rape or otherwise abuse/murder our neighbors.

The President’s comparison is a very lopsided view of what is going on in the world today. I find the comparison as a justification by the President to defend the Islamic faith as a peaceful religion when the actions taken by those who claim to be Islamic Jihadist quote the Quran as their right to take those actions.

Go ahead and correct me if I am wrong in my thoughts about this subject. I believe that human beings will act out of their own selfish needs to dominate and control. The religion we as human beings follow will either help us to be good neighbors or try to dominate and control them.

As for me and my household we choose to follow Christ. A truly peaceful religion.

Have a blessed and peaceful day by following Jesus Christ,


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