Pastor’s Ponderings, Wonderings, Wanderings

From William Barclay’s Study Bible Notes on Luke 13:10-17:

“In Christianity the individual comes before the system. It is true to say that without Christianity there can be no such thing as democracy, because Christianity alone guarantees and defends the value of the ordinary, individual man or woman. If ever Christian principles are banished from political and economic life there is nothing left to keep at bay the totalitarian state where individuals are lost in the system, and exist, not for their own sake, but only for the sake of that system.”

Have you ever wondered, considered, given thought to, cared about the direction our government is taking us. Perhaps if we were to vote our Christian beliefs, vote in politicians who we had researched and found that they openly professed their faith and lived it by example. Just an example of the criteria we could use is asking the question: Does the person I am considering voting for tithe? This is just a small part of our faith but is the one that says do we put our money where our mouth is. If we look at the giving (tithing) of our current leadership (Pres and VP) we might use that as one criteria about their faith walk. They are obviously able to give based on the salaries and other perks they receive. But do they? Tithing is just one example of our faithfulness and is not all-inclusive. There are many ways we can example our faith but it is interesting that Jesus talks more about man and his money (possessions) than most anything else.

The most important criteria for us to look for in the people we are voting for is “Do they love God the Father with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and do they love their neighbor as they love themselves.” This criteria leads us all to give (sometimes until it hurts) whether it is love, money or time. If we claim to be Christian we should live our lives differently and look for people to support who also example the love for God and neighbor.

Have a blessed week by walking in His will,

Pastor Randy

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