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Christmas is over, or is it? The sun is setting on this year, isn’t it?  Jesus Christ came to save us all not just for the one day of the year we celebrate His birth but everyday of our lives. So why do we act like this is the most important day of the year?  Why do we go to so many extremes to buy, cook, invite, shop, eat, wrap, decorate, party and stress our lives away?  Good question you say!  Well I say it is a good question.  One each of us as individuals need to answer based on our own reasons for how we waste away the opportunity to truly worship our Lord and Savior.  Now I am not saying we should not enjoy the season and give to our family and friends, but what I do want to say is we focus on the wrong things while we are working our way through this season.  Our focus with everything we do should be on the salvation, forgiveness and promise of eternity with our God.  Our focus should be on His love poured on us and His teachings that show us the good and right way.

Spending time with family and friends showing the love you have for them is the good and right thing.  Sharing all that God has given you with them is a really good thing too.

What I really want to say today is that we should treat Jesus just like He is a beloved member of our family.  We should spend time with Him, we should hear Him talk to us, we should share our hopes and dreams with Him and live our lives as if He were shopping, eating, buying, decorating, cooking, partying and inviting right along with us.  Perhaps we would spend at least some of the treasure we have on things He would have us do and on people He would have us be with.  Kind of puts a different spin on it doesn’t it. Wouldn’t it change the way we do all the holiday things we do?  Yes, I believe so too!  A New Year is coming and could be a new way of living it if we will just think about what we do each and every day.

Have a blessed and very Happy New Year,


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