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We went to Austin for the birth of our new granddaughter Georgia Ann.  She’s named after Jane’s mother.  The slide show is just a very few of the many pictures taken on phones and cameras.  Baby and parents are at home now and getting settled in with the newest member of the household.  I guess we all know who will be ruling the roost for a while.  She is a beautiful little girl with a head full of dark hair.  Tracie had that same kind of hair but we also hear that Jeremy had a head full too.

Monday I experienced some beginnings and endings.  Tracie called Monday morning and said she was being admitted to the hospital and should have the baby early afternoon.  The baby was born at 3:52pm.  That was the beginnings and the endings were the funeral for Chuck Swiderski at noon.  Chuck was a member of Wesley United Methodist Church here in Orange and it was my honor to preside over the funeral.  The day was a reminder that we experience life and death everyday and we must prepare ourselves for all that life throws at us.  While Georgia has her life ahead of her as a new beginning we see that Chuck lived his life in a way that left his children and grandchildren missing him with the ending of his life.  As Christians we believe that Chuck has experienced a new beginning, a rebirth into a new body and a new life with our God and Jesus Christ our Savior.  Our lives can be rewarding and so can our deaths.  We just need to pay attention to the teachings of Jesus Christ and live our lives the best we can today, each and every day.  Chuck did and he received his reward.

Tracie and Jeremy received a reward Monday as an expression of their love for each other.  Georgia will continue to be a blessing to us all and we will do our best to raise her knowing God and knowing Jesus Christ.  Baptism is in the works for this little girl, maybe even on Christmas day.  Hope you all can be there.

God’s peace  and blessings to all with prayers for a Merry Christmas all around,


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